The advert is really about the countdown to Christmas Day, when we have got to the beginning of December. There are various traditional ways of doing this. One way is with a candle. This candle Is marked with the dates starting and 1 and ending up with 24. Each evening, the candle Is lit and the family gather round to watch the candle slowly burn down through another section. Excitement mounts as each day in the count down pass another number and the great day gets nearer and nearer. The other main system is the advent calendar. These consist of a beautiful image with little doors hidden around in the image that has to be found. Inside there is a little picture of something Christmas related and as Christmas approaches more and more doors are open until finally, the great day arrives. Advent calendars come in many styles, both traditional and more contemporary. Getting out the calendar each year is really a sign that Christmas is approaching. They are perfect to post to friends who you may not be going to see during the festive season, to say that you are thinking about them. Receiving one is the first gift of Christmas.

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