Eat Me or Don't Eat Me

Eat me

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, our Eat Me theme is centred around Christmas treats in the form of food and drink which we have added to our shop’s collections. No Christmas festivities would be complete without a bit of eating and drinking going on. Our shop would not want to miss out either. No won’t find a complete Christmas dinner here but what you will find are all sorts of gorgeous bits and pieces ranging from award-winning teas in biodegradable tea stockings, to ethically sourced chocolate made in York by passionate chocolatiers, and from candy canes in gorgeous natural flavours to Harry Potter-themed sweets. Go to Eat Me Treats


Don’t eat me

Here we offer food-themed items which you cannot actually eat. Included are food-themed decorations which are intended to go on the Christmas tree. Here you will find decorations styled like vegetables and fruits which create a unique take on kitchen decorations, complemented by bowls and jugs as charming gift items for the foodie in the family. There are also cake and pudding themed decorations too. There are also things to half you make cakes and cookies with such as cookie cutters. Finally, there is the world of table napkins to help your guests tidy up a bit when they have got a bit carried away and covered themselves in drinking chocolate or poured a cup of tea down themselves. We all do it, so let’s make it part of the day. What’s more, our napkins are so decorative that by the time you have put them on the table it is half decorated already! See the Don’t Eat Me quirky decorations.
More items coming soon!

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