Go Crackers

Crackers are a really British tradition, in fact, it is hard to imagine a Christmas Day celebration without them decorating the festive table or perhaps hanging on the tree. Our Crackers are all handmade in the UK, using fine papers from the UK, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, many with lush fabrics and hand-tied bows. The choices of styles and themes are extensive, ranging from lively children’s parties to luxurious candlelit dinners. Some are themed with games for all the family so that old and young can all get together. Others contain musical instruments so that you can create your own orchestra and play the night away. Some have quality mementoes of the special day to take home and perhaps cherish for the future. But when it comes to crackers, the other big questions are: what are the hats like and how bad are the jokes? We can assure you that they all live up to the best of expectations! Much effort has also been put into considering the environment, and recycling, both now and in the future too. To complete the offering we actually have an eco-friendly cracker range.

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