It is night time and across the desert, the stars are twinkling and it is icy cold. Seated high up on their camels sit three old men. Some say that they are kings and others say that they are wise men, but whoever they are, they are gazing up into the sky until one of them spots a totally new star. This seems to be what they were waiting for, and off they go, bearing their gifts. They only travel at night is this is when they can see the star and this is when it is cool enough to cross the desert. After many nights of travelling, following the brilliant star, they finally reach a humble little stable, filled with animals and a small family group who are nursing a new-born child. They have arrived and our Christmas story begins! Our Nativity theme lies at the very heart of the Christmas story. We celebrate it with small scenes and figures and stables, with beautiful pop-up books and with small decorations actually made in Bethlehem itself.

Colours: White / Gold / Natural / Multi

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