Nordic Yuletide

This classic Scandinavian theme derives from the isolated farmyards and barns of Sweden, Norway and Denmark long ago and features ancient Scandinavian elf-like figures called Nisse or Tomte, warmly dressed in reds and greys. These characters really bring this theme to life, hiding amongst the hay bales and rafters. Very naughty but very much loved too, these traditional figures are the very centre of a Nordic Christmas, along with the tree itself. This range includes superbly designed Nisse figures, coming to us directly from Denmark, where they are much prized. Supporting this theme are gingham patterns in red and white and the more familiar gonk-type figures in many sizes and shapes. Yuletide literally means ‘Christmas time’ in Danish so we see that our traditions all intermingle in a wonderfully festive way at this glorious time of year.

Colours: Red / White / Dark Blue / Grey / Natural

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